Unlikely Converts

Randy Newman


Barcode: 9780825445637

Release date: 31/01/2020

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Most Christians have people in their lives who they're sure will never come to faith. Whether they're too committed to their sinful ways, too angry at God, or too quick to shut down any mention of the saving grace of Jesus, these long shots don't seem worth approaching. But some of the most unlikely converts have the strongest faith stories, and they can be a source of incredible encouragement for Christians who are trying to evangelize those around them. Randy Newman knows firsthand the discomfort that comes with sharing the gospel. He's been tongue-tied and timid too. But the truth is, we don't need to sound like the brilliant, charismatic, legendary evangelists. In this book, Randy shares surprising conversion stories straight from those who took the long way around to Christianity. He considers current cultural trends that make evangelism more difficult today. Then with his characteristic upbeat style, he offers practical, actual words to proclaim the gospel and provides a plan of action. In the end, Unlikely Converts encourages us to remember that while the Great Commission requires us to speak, it does not require perfection, only confidence in the gospel message.


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