Unmask The Predators Paperback Book

Artist: Lisa Cherry


Barcode: 9781938021008

WARNING: THREATS TO YOUR CHILD AHEAD! ´?¢Losing your child´?¢s heart to the perverse world of a sexual predator is truly every parent´?¢s nightmare. ´?¢When an $800 cell phone bill revealed a secret relationship between our highachieving, Sunday School teaching 15 year old daughter, Kalyn, and a 46 year old man from our congregation, we were horrified. ´?¢The aftermath of destruction, as it usually is with sexual abuse, was disastrous. ´?¢Rebellion, depression, wrong relationships, eating disorders and self-mutilation suddenly turned home into a war zone. ´?¢In Kalyn´?¢s mind we, her parents, were her enemies while the sexual perpetrator remained her hero. ´?¢How could something so bizarre happen in a loving Christian home?´?¢ 264 pages.