Walk With Jay #02: I Hate You & Tug Of War DVD

Artist: Various


Barcode: 5060256820840

Release date: 01/02/2013

£1.28 (was £9.99)
Volume 2 of 3 I Hate You & Tug Of War is a 2-episode DVD from 4six3 which teaches children how to have a personal relationship with God and how to apply the Bible to everyday lives.

Walk with Jay is a series of DVDs for children aged 7- 12. Over the series children can learn about having a two-way conversation with God, and how the Bible is relevant to them as well as adults. They are taught how to tackle issues that can come up in any child's life, like arguing, feeling lost and alone, and being left out of things. A recurring theme is what happens when we do something wrong, how that hurts God, others and ourselves, and how to try and put things right.

Episode 3: I Hate You
Ben and Katie can't do anything without ending up fighting, and they say awful things to each other. How can Jay help them to understand how much damage their words can do? (Proverbs 10 and 16, and James 3)

Episode 4: Tug Of War
Lucas did something wrong. He doesn't know why, and he wishes he hadn't done it. How can he do the right thing? (Romans 7 and Psalm 51)

Each DVD includes:
- 2 episodes (approx. 6 mins each)
- and then to go with each episode a video study (approx. 2 mins) and 4 related discussion questions