Watching God Work: The Stuff Of Miracles Paperback Book

Carolyn DeArteaga


Barcode: 9781610361217

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Imagine the shock waves that reverberated in her heart and throughout the family when Carolyn´?¢s husband and father of four told her, ´?¢I want a divorce!´?¢ Initially devastated by this rejection, Carolyn went on to discover true love from a man who believes in miracles and from her Abba Father who loves to make His children happy. This book encourages people to believe and expect miracles from the hands of God. It shows how to live with a miraculous God who makes life exciting as one develops a close, personal relationship with Him. Watching God Work is the story of a woman who loved God but did not believe in miracles and how she was pulled into a supernatural relationship with Him. Carolyn now sees God as the One who heals, performs miracles and gives gifts of the Spirit to all who seek Him. Watching God Work reveals: ´?¢ The mystery of healing ´?¢ The person of Jesus ´?¢ God´?¢s provision ´?¢ God´?¢s protection ´?¢ Abba Father (´?¢Daddy God´?¢) ´?¢ The Gifts of the Holy Spirit ´?¢ God´?¢s miracle-working power ´?¢ The power of God over demons and circumstances This is a particularly well-written book that will capture every reader´?¢s attention. It shares life-changing principles from the author´?¢s life and the Scriptures, and it shows that God answers prayer, watches over us, loves us, and wants us to be happy. 192 pages


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