When Did Sin Begin?

Loren Haarsma


Barcode: 9781540963680

Release date: 28/09/2021

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The topic of evolution and human origins is hotly debated in Christian academic and church circles. If God used evolution to create humanity, when did sin enter the picture, and how did it spread from a few individuals to all of us? Physicist Loren Haarsma shows that it is possible both to affirm what science tells us about human evolution and to maintain belief in original sin. Haarsma has studied, written, and spoken on science and faith for decades. In this volume, he argues that there are several possible ways of harmonizing the science of human evolution and the doctrine of original sin, taking seriously both what the Bible teaches and what we learn from studying the natural world. When Did Sin Begin? outlines the history of the doctrine of original sin, summarizes the scientific evidence for human evolution, and describes several approaches for bringing the two together in harmony. Without privileging one over the others, Haarsma presents a range of scenarios for how sin might have entered humanity's story and examines the strengths and challenges of each. Professors and students in courses discussing science and religion and theology, church study groups and adult education classes, and laypeople struggling to reconcile evolutionary science and the doctrine of original sin will all value this work.


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