When Did We Start Forgetting God?

Mark Galli


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The editor in chief of the acclaimed magazine Christianity Today offers a compelling look at the state of evangelicalism today and offers hope for the future. In arguably one of the most divisive and polarizing eras, evangelicals are faced with a profound crisis of confidence. It is a crisis that has many dimensionsÑpolitical, biblical, and theologicalÑas well as a crisis of spiritual formation and discipleship. What ultimately is at the root of this crisis? Mark Galli encourages us to turn our attention away from the politics of the moment, the social issues being discussed online, and the debate du jour among Christians. He asks us instead to take a long and hard look at whatÕs missing in our spirituality. In an incisive and thought-provoking book, Mark Galli helps us slow down and spend time reflecting on our ultimate priority. A must-read for everyone interested in contemplating the future of the church.


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