Who Do You Say That I Am? DVD

Becky Harling


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Do you know Jesus as He really is?

We can speak in abstracts all day long. We can ponder who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him. But he wants our confession. He wants to know, "Who do you say that I AM?" How we answer defines our lives both now and forever. This study in the "I AM" statements of Jesus will help women move from knowing about Him to knowing Him personally.

Becky Harling has years of experience as a Bible teacher and women’s ministry leader. She empathizes with women and knows how to make Scripture come alive. 'Who Do You Say That I AM'’ will draw women deep into the Word for a true encounter with Christ, helping them become more confident, calm, and courageous in the faith.

Topics Covered:
Week One: Who Do You Say That I AM?
Week Two: Do You Still Not Understand?
Week Three: Why Are You So Afraid?
Week Four: What Do You Want Me To Do for You?
Week Five: Do You Believe I Am Able To Do This?
Week Six: Do You Want to Get Well?
Week Seven: Can You Add to Your Life by Worrying?
Week Eight: Has No One Returned to Give Praise to God?


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