Why I Left the Moonies

Beth Axton


Barcode: 9781912120277

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ÒWhy I Left the MooniesÓ is the story of one young womanÕs search for reality and truth. Beth AxtonÕs quest for God led her first to the Unification Church, where she was invited to be a handmaiden for the Holy Mother of Earth Ð Rev. MoonÕs wife. But despite being given this honour Beth remained dissatisfied. The ÒMooniesÓ (as they were popularly known) were not what she had thought them to be Ð and she felt she need to leave to continue her search for truth. How could she find true peace with God?This book is a powerful personal testimony of how one practicing ÒMoonieÓ found the life-changing freedom that comes from faith in Jesus Christ! Multitudes in our secular society are still seeking for answers at a deeper, spiritual level, and so many people will find the story of BethÕs life-changing spiritual encounter relevant to them!


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