Wonder CD

Artist: Hillsong United


Barcode: 9320428325792

Release date: 09/06/2017

£10.99 (was £12.99)

Have you ever thought about how God sees you, his creation, and everything between?

That's exactly what the talented individuals of Hillsong UNITED thought too. How can God see us as wonderfully made when we think we know ourselves so much better? How can He see goodness in the world when there is so much pain? That's what we see after all. We've lost the wonder.

And when there is no wonder, there is no passion imagine, to dream, and dismiss the world. The very world God himself made. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Hillsong UNITED follow up their Empires and their live-tour-album Of Dirt and Grace with their new album, WONDER. The sixth album from the youth worship group, WONDER is unlike any of the groups other releases so far!

Choc-full of unforgettable lyrics, a new electronic sound, and a hope that you see how God sees, WONDER is Hillsong UNITED's most remarkable album in years. The songs of WONDER are tailored to equip Churches, and to re-awaken the soul into meaningful and elevated worship.

The sheer variety within the album means that there is something for all. From the life-filled title track, to the unique images of grace in Splinters and Stones, the album a whole new kind of worship.

1. Wonder
2. Shadow Step
3. Future Marches In
4. So Will I (100 Billion X)
5. Splinters and Stones
6. Glimmer In The Dust
7. Greatest Of These
8. Shape Of You Heart
9. Not Today
10. Life
11. Rain / Reign
12. Water To Wine