Words for a Dying World

Hannah Malcolm


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How do we talk about climate grief? And even when we have finally found the words the words to articulate it, what do we actually do with that grief? There is a sudden and dramatic rise in people experiencing a profound sense of anxiety in the face of our dying planet, and a consequent need for churches to be better resourced pastorally and theologically to deal with this threat. In Words for a Dying World Hannah Malcolm brings together voices from a multiplicity of different perspectives and backgrounds to reflect upon what a theology of climate grief looks like in their own context - from small island countries to inner-city suburbs, from refugees to those in wealthy western contexts. Each contribution concludes with a prayer or liturgy which will help churches and ministers plug these theological reflections into the everyday worshipping life of the church. Contributors include David Benjamin Blower, Azariah France-Williams, Maggi Dawn and Holly-Anna Petersen


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