Working it Out

Ian Coffey


Barcode: 9781844742196

Release date: 17/12/2012

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Work matters hugely. Work is the primary activity God created us to pursue - in communion with him and in partnership with others. Indeed, one of work's main goals is to make God's world a better place for all God's creatures to flourish in - to his glory. Yes, work matters hugely. And to many people it brings the joys of purpose shared, relationships deepened, talents honed, character shaped, obstacles overcome, products made, people served and money earned - even amid the inevitable frustrations, failures and disagreements of working life in even the best of organizations. Yes, work matters hugely. And so it matters hugely that for many people, most people actually, work is not only getting harder, longer, less satisfying and more draining, but is stretching its voracious tentacles into almost every area of life, sucking out the zing and whoosh and ease from time with family, friends, hobbies and community activities. UK citizens, for example, work four hours longer per person per week than the citizens of any other EU nation. We live in Slave New World. How do we follow Jesus faithfully and fruitfully in such conditions? Is coping - getting through the week - the height of our ambition? Surely not. But do we have good news for the workplace? Not just a truth to proclaim but a way to follow. Not just a way to follow but life, divine life, to infuse the quality of our work, the quality of our relationships at work, and the quality of our contribution to the culture of the organizations in which we work? In our current context, we need not only biblical insight and divine empowerment, but also courage to make tough decisions about work and life, and courage to make tough decisions at work. That's what the Faith and Work series is designed to do: take on the tough issues facing workers and offer material that's fresh, either because it brings new insights to familiar topics or because the author's particular background and experience open up enlightening vistas. We've also tried to write the books so that there's something nutritious and tasty, not only for the leisurely diner, but also for the snacker snatching a quick read on a train, or in a break, or, indeed, at the end of a demanding day. The Lord be with you as you read. And the Lord be with you as you seek to follow him faithfully and courageously in your workplace.


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