XTB: Christmas Unpacked

Artist: Alison Mitchell


Barcode: 9781873166888

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Christmas Unpacked is a great resource to help children and families explore the Bible together over the Christmas holidays. Three weeks of Bible readings help you focus on what Christmas is really all about. Meet Dr. Luke as he tells you all about God's rescue plan. Find out 'Who' the rescuer is and 'Why' we need rescuing. Beautifully presented with full-colour illustrations, it is actually two books in one:

XTB (eXplore The Bible) will help 7-11 year olds to get into the Bible for themselves. It's packed with pictures, puzzles and loads of help to follow the clues to see who Jesus is and why He came.

'Table Talk' - is designed for families (or groups) to use together. Based on just a few verses from the passage that XTB uses, it is suitable for families with children aged from 4 upwards. Table Talk forms the basis for a short family time together - maybe just five minutes at the breakfast or diner table, or whenever best suits you.

Christmas Unpacked is based on Luke's Gospel. There are 21 days of undated pages with various games and quizzes to help children grasp the point of each lesson. At Day 21 the book switches from XTB to Table Talk. The passages are the same each day for XTB and Table Talk so you can use them together or on their own.