Yours Truly

Murray Watts


Barcode: 9780281080946

Release date: 15/08/2019

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Here is a collection of brilliant and poignant parables, for personal reading and public use. Each offers a penetrating insight into some aspect of the Christian faith. They include:A CELEBRITY QUESTIONS JESUS Ð a variant on the Rich Young RulerTHE LOVE AFFAIR Ð a young woman, whose husband has betrayed her, finds healing in the crucified ChristTHE SECRET OF LIFE Ð a young man finds the greatest treasure of all, but how should he speak of it?AN ARTIST TRIES TO CREATE THE WORLD Ð an artist does her best, but makes a complete hash of thingsAN ATHEIST TROUBLED BY HIS DOUBTS Ð some fun at the expense of the New Atheists, exploring how hard it can be to hold on to your lack of faith


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